Geographic distribution

This map shows where RCTs in pediatric critical care are conducted.

For each country, this map show the number of RCTs, the total number of children randomized, and median number of children per RCT. The map can also show an animation of how these have changed over time.

For multinational RCTs we used the country of the first listed author. We used StatPlanet to create the map. This map was updated January 2015.

Coauthorship network

This network diagram shows the patterns of collaboration among researchers who have published an RCT in pediatric critical care.

The diagram shows published RCTs in pediatric critical care in red and researchers in blue. Lines connect researchers to the RCTs that they coauthored. The size of each circle indicates the number of children randomized (for RCTs) or the number of RCTs coauthored (for researchers).

We extracted the data for this network diagram from the author lists of the RCT publications. We then used Gephi to build the network diagram and the template developed by the InteractiveVis project to make it interactive. This diagram was updated July 2014.